College counseling at ChiTech is an eight-year process beginning freshman year of high school through college graduation.

ChiTech’s college counseling program provides a supportive environment in which the key focus is to get students to and through college. Starting in 9th grade students at ChiTech begin the process of identifying their postsecondary goals, reflecting on their talents and passions, and making well informed decisions about their college options.

At ChiTech, college counselors help students select challenging classes, advise on extra-curricular programs, assist with internship placements, and help prep for standardized tests. The ChiTech College Counseling Department also specializes in helping students apply to colleges and for financial aid and scholarships. We guide students and parents in the college match and selection process through individual family meetings as well as group workshops.

Check out the graduating class of 2017.

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In addition to college planning and social-emotional support, ChiTech partners with a number of Academic Partners including:

  • Embarc
  • One Goal
  • High Tech High
  • NFTE
  • The Kitchen Community
  • Step Up
  • Genesys Works

Student Resources: