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Empower The ChiTech Advantage with Year-End Giving

Empower the ChiTech Advantage with year-end giving! Beginning today through December 31, we’ve set a lofty goal to raise $50,000 to empower ChiTech students through educational equity, a technology-first education, and enhanced real-world  and project-based learning.


Between our students, their families, and our teachers & staff, we are confident that we house enough mental toughness to get ChiTech through just about anything. Whether it’s the lasting effects of the pandemic or the perpetual systemic stressors students face in everyday life, our school community remains committed to developing tomorrow’s tech talent and entrepreneurs through a rigorous and equitable education.


Work with us to safeguard our students’ futures by eliminating barriers specific to people of color, girls, and learners from low-income backgrounds — in and outside of the classroom — with a gift today.

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Empowering Educational Equity

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The pressures ChiTech students are under in normal circumstances are significant. With the added and lasting complexities of COVID-19, economic strains, and ongoing racial tensions, our students live in an atmosphere where well-being is more essential than ever.

As educators, we understand that mental health and wellness are fundamental for students’ ability to focus, learn, and engage at school. And at ChiTech, we use this understanding to fuel our educational equity imperative, defined as the urgent and essential need for ensuring equal opportunities, resources, and support for all students, regardless of their background, to achieve educational success.

Our execution of equity in education is not merely a desirable goal but a non-negotiable requirement for creating a fair and just society for our students.

Your contribution in support of our educational equity imperative will enhance ChiTech students and staff’s experience with critical resources and training that empowers a level playing field for learning, a rigorous education, and personal well-being.

Enriching ChiTech’s

Technology Education

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Chicago Tech Academy stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the heart of our city. As the sole tech and project-based learning institution in Chicago dedicated to the education and empowerment of our city’s most deserving students, we proudly break down barriers and redefine possibilities. We believe that every student, regardless of their circumstances, deserves access to a world-class education infused with technology and experiential learning.

If you know ChiTech, you know we are small and mighty, which often means doing more with less and getting creative when building our career and techincal education (CTE) currciclum, which offers tech certifications and dual enrollment courses with local city colleges, securing college readiness skills and a head start on post secondary excitment for students.

We are not just a school; we are a lifeline, a pathway to a brighter future, and a testament to the transformative power of education in the lives of those who need it most. Your gift in support of our tech curriculum will ensure a high quality, project and technology based education for our students and support ChiTech’s mission to send 100% of our graduates to college or prepare them to enter a tech career upon graduation, getting them one step closer to becoming your top talent.

Enhancing Real World Learning

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We don’t know what the jobs of tomorrow look like, meaning up- and re-skilling are out the window. And when it comes to being the best equipped to learn what is needed to perform the jobs of the future and providing whatever human value technology cannot replace, pre-skilling is the name of the game. It requires intelligence, curiosity, resilience, emotional intelligence, and a driven nature that our students develop through our proven Real World Learning (RWL) Program.

Through the relevant and relatable skills acquired in ChiTech’s RWL program, students also develop the practical tools they’ll need to succeed in their careers and as responsible citizens. The teachings inspire entrepreneurship and innovation, helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging creativity and problem-solving.

Your support of this effort can range from monetary giving to volunteering and hosting company field trips.