Empower ChiTech Students

ChiTech students are bold thinkers and doers with bright dreams and hopes for the future. This year has tested the strongest and challenged the most resilient in our community. Their dreams are at risk and we have the most to lose.

Sustain the progress they’ve made and safeguard their future with a gift today. The ChiTech Empower Campaign aims to raise $20,000 by December 31, 2020, and our students need your support. Read more about our priorities.


Bridging the Technology Divide

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A digital connection is critical for operating in the world today, and ChiTech students’ limited access to technology creates additional educational equity issues. No student should be limited from engaging with their classmates or teacher due to inadequate technology and as educators, we are committed to ensuring all students have the tools to succeed.

Gifts in support of technology and access will help us identify and address disparities that prevent students from participating fully – at a time when connection is more important than ever.


Building Entrepreneurial Skills

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The world continues to shift and evolve around our students each day and requires a strong foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, and a toolkit of entrepreneurial skills. While at ChiTech, students develop robust practices and immersive experiences in social entrepreneurship through curricular and industry partnerships.

As ChiTech students graduate and go onto employment and college, they are called upon to have a robust set of skills that allows them to tackle emerging issues and find solutions. It’s clear these skills are even more necessary today, and an investment in building entrepreneurial skills provides our students with those tools to be successful.


Increasing Social Emotional Support

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The pressures ChiTech students are under in normal circumstances are significant. With the added complexities of COVID-19, economic pressures, and social unrest our students live in an atmosphere in which wellbeing is more essential than ever. Mental health and wellness are at the foundation of a student’s ability to focus, learn, and engage.

Your contribution to increasing social emotional support and wellbeing provides ChiTech students with critical resources.


Empowering Real World Learning

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As many businesses and organizations adjust their talent pipeline strategies amid the pandemic, our students face challenges with internships and other real world learning opportunities. These opportunities are critical for ChiTech students growth and have long-term personal, career, and professional impacts on our students and city.

Your support of this priority can make a pivotal difference as our students build their futures.