Enrollment Lottery Policy and Information

Updated: Fall 2022
Enrollment at Chicago Tech Academy shall be open to any pupil who resides within the geographic boundaries of the city of Chicago. ChiTech does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.


9th Grade Students:
ChiTech follows CPS’s GoCPS system and policies for 9th grade admittance, enrollment, and waitlist procedures. See more at go.cps.edu.

10th -12th Grade Students:
Each student must have a completed enrollment application within the application window.

If there are more eligible applicants for enrollment than there are spaces available, Chitech will conduct a randomized lottery. Applicants are welcomed to attend the lottery, but attendance is not mandatory. ChiTech gives priority to students in the following order:

  1. Pupils who were enrolled in the school the previous school year, unless expelled for cause. Any student who has completed an expulsion term must be considered a returning student and re-enrolled at the school if the student wishes to attend following completion of their expulsion term.
  2. Siblings of pupils currently enrolled in the school.

After a lottery, each student randomly selected for admission to the school will be notified via email and mail. Any students who were not selected via the lottery, will be placed on a waitlist assigned by the lottery program The waitlist does not carry over from year to year. New student applications are available every year in August.

Any lottery required will be administered and videotaped by the school. The authorizer, Chicago Public Schools, or its designee will be invited and allowed to be present or view the lottery in real time. The school will maintain a videotaped record of the lottery, including a time/date stamp. The school shall transmit copies of the videotape and all records relating to the lottery to the authorizer on or before September 1 of each year.

If a lottery is required, the due date for applications is Monday, May 1, 2023. All applications received after May 1, will be placed on a waiting list in the order the application was received.

The lottery will be held at Chicago Tech Academy (1301 W. 14th Street) on Friday, May 5, 2023. The results will be available immediately after.

All individuals selected through the lottery will receive confirmation forms. Confirmation forms will be mailed and a copy will be available for pick-up at ChiTech. Individuals must submit their confirmation forms within two weeks of the lottery.

If a lottery is not required, each student will receive notification of admission after the application deadline, until all available seats are filled. Any applications received after all available seats have been filled will be placed on a waitlist.

At any time space becomes available in a given grade level, ChiTech will utilize its waiting list to select the next student to attend. The waitlist will remain as an ongoing document until all students are placed or decline acceptance.


The items needed to accept their student’s spots include: birth certificate or passport, and two items that prove residence in the City of Chicago. The Enrollment Team will make one phone call to each family that has not returned their confirmation form. If a student’s confirmation is not received by Monday, May 23, 2022, the student will be removed from the admit list to begin pursuing other students in order from the waitlist.
Before a student begins their academics at ChiTech, they must have a current physical exam, immunization records, dental exam, and current vision exam. All of the items must be returned to the front office manager.

View a PDF version of the policy.