At Winter Exhibition 2017, Students Soar

JANUARY 19 — Our first exhibition of 2017 was a blast. Students from all grades amazed nearly 100 visitors and ChiTech family with their creative explorations in every discipline.

ChiTech Handmade, a student-run store, made over $300 during the event selling home, bath and body products.

The art projects on display were personal and vibrant, and the biology demonstrations took a hands-on approach to educating listeners on modern issues from GMOs to cloning.

The evening also featured performances from ChiTech’s talented drum line and even a mock demonstration to draw attention to the controversy surrounding the connection between sexuality and genetics.

To check out more of the projects, check out the gallery below, and follow us on Facebook. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a video about Exhibition coming soon to a screen near you.



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