Please Meet: Shemaiah

Every week leading up to the 3rd Annual Little Black Dress Night, we’ll feature a member of Young Women’s Leadership Society. This week, we’re featuring Shemaiah, a sharp and confident ChiTech senior. 

Shemaiah is a senior. She originally came to ChiTech to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Shemaiah was struggling when she came to high school. Her sister and cousin encouraged her to join YWLS. Since then, YWLS has helped her grow as a woman, from listening to other women speak during meetings, to going to networking events, to building a sisterhood with her fellow members.

Strong, loyal and talented, Shemaiah plans to attend Paul Quinn College and become a special victims detective. In her spare time, she likes to watch “Law and Order,” spend time with her friends and dance. Her friends would describe her as outgoing, positive and honest. Her role model is her older sister, Tyler, because she never gives up, no matter what comes her way. Shemaiah lives on the South Side of Chicago.

Be sure to register for the 3rd Annual Little Black Dress Night. You can also learn more about YWLS here.

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