Please Meet: Kashai

Every week leading up to the 3rd Annual Little Black Dress Night, we’ll feature a member of Young Women’s Leadership Society. This week, we’re featuring Kashai, a Jane of Many Trades and a ChiTech junior. 

Kashai is a junior at ChiTech. She originally came to ChiTech after grammar school to learn more about STEM. Kashai joined YWLS her freshman year, and has since developed fierce leadership skills. It’s a great program that helps her build her maturity, openness and networking skills. It’s even got her thinking about how women should be treated in the world. She encourages ladies to join YWLS to be engaged with what it means to be a woman today. Her favorite YWLS memory was “Women’s Day,” where members shared quotes by women that inspired them, and watched the documentary, “Dark Girls.”

Competitive, smart and confident, Kashai knows she wants to be rich and travel. She’s interested in exploring cosmetology, theatre, business, nursing and dancing.  Kashai’s friends consider her supportive and sometimes quirky, and she doesn’t have any role models because she doesn’t want to compare herself to others. Kashai lives on the South Side of Chicago.

Interested in sponsoring YWLS at the 3rd Annual Little Black Dress Night? Contact Kelly Jones, Executive Director at You can also learn more about YWLS here.

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