Parent Concern Resolution Process:


Chicago Tech Academy is committed to ensuring success for its students. We understand that concerns and issues may arise from time to time. We believe it is always best to solve those concerns first at their source, by working with the teachers and staff directly. We also acknowledge that we may not always be in agreement but we do need to be respectful and responsive when an issue arises. We are committed to working with families to address their concerns in a timely and transparent way. 

The process below is provided to make sure that we can all understand the steps we take together when a concern arises. Please make sure to follow this process. When a parent/guardian does have a concern they may follow the below steps either verbally or in writing.

Concern Resolution Steps

  1. LEVEL 1 Teacher or Staff Member Directly Involved – Whether it is a teacher or staff member, the family must first work directly with that person to resolve. 
  2. LEVEL 2 Director of Culture, Assistant Principal – If the issue cannot be resolved at the first level, then the parent/guardian should communicate with the Director of Culture or Assistant Principal to resolve the issue.
  3. LEVEL 3 Principal – If the first two steps cannot produce a resolution, the parent/guardian should communicate the issue either in person or in writing to the Principal. The Principal will communicate with the family to come to a resolution. 
  4. LEVEL 4 ChiTech Board- The Principal should be able to resolve any concern that a family may have. However, a parent/guardian may contact the Chicago Tech Academy Board of Directors so that the Board may understand the issue and may decide to weigh in. 

Specific Concerns

We always encourage families to bring all concerns to us formally or informally. The below categories have a special process that we follow.  

  1. Abuse and NeglectAny concerns or allegations that involve child abuse or neglect or inappropriate relations between adults and students are handled in accordance with CPS Policy 18-0627-PO3, “Reporting of Child Abuse, Neglect and Inappropriate Relations Between Adults and Students” and applicable state law. 
  2. BullyingAny concerns or allegations that involve bullying should be taken seriously and fully investigated. We follow the CPS Student Code of Conduct as we investigate and address these concerns. 

Updated May 8, 2020.