Why Give to ChiTech?

At ChiTech, we believe in more than just taking tests and college and career preparation. We position our students to be leaders through access and opportunity to real world learning. Our partnership programs give our students exposure to the world of work in technology, the boundless opportunities across industries, and connections to key business leaders in Chicago. Join the 100+ organizations that have partnered with ChiTech by volunteering, hosting interns and most importantly DONATING.

ChiTech operates like a lean start-up – we find innovative ways to minimize our expenses, while improving student achievement and opportunity. CPS, state and federal funding allocates $10,275 per student to the school, but the true cost to educate a ChiTech student is $14,000. It is up to us to cover that gap. The 2016-2017 fundraising need is $450,000. This is a big number, and we rely heavily on our partners to help make-up the difference.

Our donor’s generosity defines us!

Where does your money go?

The funds raised to support a ChiTech education allow us to continue providing the provisions our school model depends. Just a few of these programs include:

‣ Real World Learning Programs (Internships, Power Lunches, Field Trips)
‣ Classroom Supplies and Resources
‣ Student Enrichment Programs (ACT Prep, Counseling, Special Education)
‣ Technology & Software
‣ Project Equipment and Tools
‣ Teacher Professional Development (High Tech High, Conferences, Seminars and more)