As a Project Based Learning school, Chicago Tech students demonstrate their mastery of new concepts through an exhibition rather than traditional assessments. In education, the term exhibition refers to projects, presentations, or products through which students “exhibit” what they have learned aligned to specific learning targets (The Glossary of Ed. Reform). Our exhibition is a way of evaluating and celebrating academic progress. It has also become a way to extend the learning experience to all who attend. 

Typically, Chicago Tech students and teachers collaboratively transform the building and classroom space. We then open our doors to the community so we can share our experience in person. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students will be sharing their academic achievement digitally, via dedicated websites.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the academic progress of our students in this new format.

2020: What the Heck? - Learn more

Art is a way to express our current experiences and share our individual perspectives. It can be a way to process, cope with, and work through all that is going on in our lives. For this project, we reflected on the challenges we faced during 2020. We chose a topic that had the biggest impact on us and created a mixed media artwork that expressed our experiences and reaction to that topic. We explored issues of race, remote learning, the Coronavirus, police brutality, and what it means to be a teen in today’s America.

Beginner App Development - Learn more

For this project, students create a simple web app using the App Lab. Serving as an introduction to the App Lab tool, this project focused more on the UI aspect of app design. Students were given freedom to create an app about any topic they wanted, but centered around either informing their users about a topic, or giving them a short quiz to test their knowledge.

Ms. Davis Chemistry - Learn more

Our goal is to create an infographic that educates the general public on the chemistry behind our changing oceans. How humanity can help. We will explore the molecular structure of water. We will explore how humans are contributing to our changing oceans. What are the the causes behind these changes.

Coding a Video Game - Learn more

Using Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade, students learned how to create video games this quarter and explored core game-programming concepts, like loops and sprites. Students were challenged to create a minigame for an existing media franchise. They combined coding, art, music, and writing to create a game that can be played in a web browser, or hand held console.

Media Literacy and Me - Learn more

In this project, students take you on a journey into their personal life and highlight how media literacy has helped them and can help others become critical thinkers/informed citizens.

Mi Mundo - Learn more

Students have been studying vocabulary to describe themselves, their interests, and their surroundings. With this project, <<Mi mundo>>, students invite the community in to learn about them and their lived experiences.

Ms. Slater's Music Project - Learn more

Chimercials: Our students re-score commercials through our ChiMercial project. Students start with a professional made commercial, remove all audio from the original recording, and create their own music for the commercial in a digital audio workstation. All audio you hear was created by ChiTech students!

Folk Tunes/Nursery Rhymes: Many of our students had never played a guitar before this school year and have made incredible progress all the way from learning how to hold and tune the instrument, to playing the folk tunes you’ll hear on our website!

Bucket Drumming; Bucket drumming as an exciting and complicated art form native to large cities like Chicago and New York. This semester students learned to treat a bucket like a full drum kit, utilizing the various timbres of our 5 gallon instrument.

My American Dream - Learn more

In this project, students create a slideshow highlighting what they believe the American Dream means, what their vision for their future is, and who, if anyone, can attain this version of the American Dream. Students apply their understanding of the American Dream, as exemplified by the character James Gatz from The Great Gatsby.

My Impact, My Purpose - Learn more

In Embarc, students explored people who have had an impact in their own lives and then planned how they can impact their own lives and the lives of those around them. This has also led us to discussing future careers the students are interested in. The next step for students is to research what they need to do to become successful in their desired career.

Poetry Everywhere - Learn more

Students will write a two paragraph analysis of “Still I Rise” or “Mother to Son” focusing on structure and word choice. Students will also write a response poem to a poem we looked at in class with a reflection on how they have imitated the writer’s techniques. Honors project also available — in development.

Poetry in Motion - Learn more

Poetry in Motion is a collaborative project between Multimedia Arts and English students in which they create a visual representation of an original poem. In English, Poetry and the People is a project designed to demonstrate how poetry not only connects and enlightens us as individuals, but how it offers strategies that generate a wealth of meaning. Through recording voiceover, adding soundtracks, and editing a sequence of still photos their stories come to life.

The Poetry Professor - Learn more

The Poetry Professor is all about becoming an EXPERT in analyzing poetry — to the point where YOU are the teacher giving a multimedia presentation on your interpretation of a complex poem. In this project, after practicing the important skills and mindsets that are key to analyzing poetry, you will select a poem to analyze and present on your own.

Safe Driving Laws - Learn more

This project uses safe driving scenarios to help students practice and review concepts we learned during the first semester of SC Physics class. Students had to find definitions and formulas for the concepts we learned in class and had to add that to presentation. Then, they had to work through the activities with the teacher in order to calculate what was asked in the activities.

The Science Communicator - Learn more

Scientists play an important role in society by providing people with information about the world around us. However, this scientific information can be hard to understand or even access by the general public.  In biology class, our students took on the role of a science communicator & created a unique visual collection of information to communicate the factors contributing to our changing atmosphere. With this information, students researched & developed ideas as to how the public can have a positive impact on our planet.

Un viaje a Latinoamérica - Learn more

Students researched a specific Spanish speaking country. They created a menu that is specific to their country. Videos-Students are explaining their favorite dishes in Spanish and some students had the opportunity to cook a dish in their home.

Ms. Doorn's US History - Learn more

By investigating the justness of the Constitution, students examine how the Constitution structures the government, the Constitution’s relationship to slavery, and the extent to which the amendment process makes the government more democratic. Through taking a critical look at the Constitution, students should understand the government the Constitution created and develop an evidence-based perspective that serves as a launching pad for informed action.

When We Speak - Learn more

Ms. Thomas’ 10th grade civic students created a short documentary about protests.

Winter '20-'21 - Learn more

Learn more about Ms. Shin’s projects from students in Financial Algebra, Aerospace Engineering, and Principles of Engineering.