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ChiTech is about more than taking tests and applying to college.

Through strong partnerships with tech startups, entrepreneurs and global companies, we seek to increase the number of minority and low income students that pursue science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in college and careers.

We position our students to be leaders — leaders who do not accept the world as it is, but create problem-solving solutions to change the world.

Continued transformation depends on engaged parents, passionate teachers, a tough but interesting curriculum, the right school culture, and connections to the world and workforce these students will soon enter.  ChiTech’s Real-World Learning programs encourage staff and students to take learning beyond the classroom by seeking out authentic partners in their quest for knowledge.

Your time and experience is the most valuable thing you have to offer.

Get to know more about one of our students through these spotlight videos:

How You Can Get Involved

Host Internships

Employers connect with untapped talent and gain perspective from a malleable network of diverse, young women and men eager to learn. The internship program is a partnership between company, student and school community. Internships are project based. Projects should be designed for students and mentors to work together to create a meaningful product that contributes to the internship site.

Host a Power Lunch Presentation

Every Thursday industry professionals host power lunch sessions that include a 30-45 minute presentation on various topics including their company, job role or career path. The organizations agree to order in lunch, usually pizza, for 11-15 students. This is an easy way to meet with students and provide insight into life beyond high school.

Help Faculty with Project Tunings

ChiTech is the only high school in the city that implements school-wide project based learning. As part of this unique curricular model, faculty plan projects that align with course content, but also solve real-world problems or reflect real world learning. Teachers take their projects seriously and seek out opportunities to work with organizations to develop the project, request feedback, or assistance over a longer period with implementing the project in class.

Host a Field Trip or Job Shadow Day

Allows ChiTech students to get a glimpse of the real world via interactions with your company’s workflows.

Become a Mentor

Aiming high is half the battle for our students; low expectations permeate their lives. Help them study, take them to a game, or bat around new business ideas. Becoming part of our Young Professionals Mentoring Program makes them feel like they’re worth it.

Share your skills

Whether its marketing, HR, tech, or any other related skills… we can always use your expertise in furthering our students education and goals.


We greatly appreciate your contribution.

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If you are interested in partnering with ChiTech through one of our engagement opportunities, contact TJ Pavlov, Real-World Learning Program Manager at