ChiTech is excited about transformative education, not just test scores.

A Chicago Tech Academy education blends core academic content with real-world application.

Our curriculum approach is to use the innovation and creativity in the technology to redesign what and how students learn in school. Chicago Tech uses a project-based learning model where students academic knowledge is combined with 21st century skills.  Students learn to communicate, collaborate, and critically think. Our projects have authentic audiences that provide a purpose for learning. We prepare students for the work of the future.  

In addition to a four-year, college prep course load, Chicago Tech Academy students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of technology, entrepreneurship and engineering classes every day. Students also benefit from a daily advisory period and block scheduling to support project based learning.

ChiTech’s model for learning includes:

  • 21st century skills like innovation, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, collaboration and communication.
  • Our block schedule allows for students to have time to dive deep into subjects.  We also include a daily advisory for every student that combines both team and trust building but also personal and social development.  
  • Work-based projects and internships that help students explore different career-paths and gain real world experience. Guest lectures and behind-the-scenes field trips with our leading technology partners.
  • Professional mentoring which links students with personalized guidance from industry leaders.

And it’s not just about the technical side. Our staff and faculty are committed to collaboration, growth, and creative-critical thinking. We truly believe, if you can dream it, you can do it at Chicago Tech Academy.

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“We are learning how to make websites. I think it’s cool because I’ll be able to own my own web based business one day. We have classes and technology at Chicago Tech that my friends at other schools don’t. That’s what I like about ChiTech.”

– Quinton Owens, Sophomore

Enrichment Courses

Art I, II
Exploring Computer Science
Intro to Engineering & Design – Project Lead the Way
Media Literacy
Music Production
Multimedia Art
Principles of Engineering – Project Lead the Way
Spanish I & II
Urban Studies
Video Game Design

Dual-Credit Courses with City Colleges of Chicago

Computer Science