ChiTech is located at 1301 W. 14th Street and is nestled between historic Taylor Street, Pilsen, and the UIC campus. ChiTech boasts a student-led organic garden, college planning center and project-filled hallways that serve as evidence of project based learning.

Educational Philosophy

We use project based learning, entrepreneurial principles, STEM education, and real world experience with Chicago companies to shape the diverse next generation of leaders.

Course Offerings

We offer a variety of courses, including dual credit and dual enrollment courses. We also offer a variety of fine arts courses, including drumline, guitar and art II. Unique to ChiTech, we offer the following tech classes: intro to engineering design, exploring computer science, computer programming I and II, and multi-media art. All courses incorporate project based learning.

College Planning

65% of the class of 2016 attended a postsecondary institution.

Student Life

20+ student-run, student-initiated clubs and activities


ChiTech is home of the mighty Panthers and competes in the Chicago Public League. Sports offered include: basketball, volleyball, and track.


ChiTech is accessible by CTA trains and bus lines.


ChiTech is accessible by CTA trains and bus lines.

Grades 9-12

383 Students Enrolled

50 Faculty Members

91% Daily Attendance Rate

93% of Freshmen on Track

  • 76% African American
  • 19% Hispanic
  • 3% Caucasian
  • 2% Asian/American/Indian/Bi-racial
  • 37% Female
  • 63% Male
  • 91% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Students come from 38 different zip codes throughout the city.