ChiTech Girls Attend Feminine Expressions Workshop – A Day of Arts, Meditation, and Reflection

This past Saturday ChiTech launched its first inaugural workshop as part of a series centered on social-emotional development and community culture. Feminine Expressions is a workshop dedicated to promoting personal and identity awareness and growth for ChiTech’s female population. This initiative will serve as a building block in fostering a more nurturing environment, promoting growth, and increasing critical awareness among our students.
ChiTech women engaged in meditation, canvas art with personal reflective prompts, and visual board making with poetry. Students were asked to reflect on aspects of their daily life, past experiences, and significant life events and relationships that have helped shape who they are today. Some girls provided feedback about the experience of having their peers provide positive vibes and feedback – and what it meant to them. The ChiTech Counseling Department believes this is a healthy step towards vital development for our youth.
Many ChiTech team members came together to make the day special and possible including, Mrs. Harris, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Abdallah, Mr. Pavlov, Ms. Dudik, Coach K, and Ms. Wheatley.  A special thank you to the ChiTech community for supporting this program, which will no doubt, help us continue to foster our students’ pursuit of self-betterment.
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