Hidden Figures Not So Hidden For ChiTech’s Young Women

February 3 — A group of 27 students saw “Hidden Figures” Friday, an opportunity made possible through a generous donation from  Board Chairman, Lance Russell. Director of School Climate and Culture, Tiara Wheatley, and math teacher Ayanna Banks Harris led the group of students.

“Hidden Figures” tells the story of three mathematicians and women of color, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson. These women rose in the ranks of NASA and helped launch astronaut John Glenn into space in 1961. They hurdled race, gender and professional obstacles to change the status quo for women and people of color in STEM professions.

As a program leader for ChiTech’s Young Women’s Leadership Society, Wheatley believes films that promote representation are critical to students’ confidence.

“My work with the Young Women’s Leadership Society embodies everything that Hidden Figures is all about,” Wheatley said. “Our focus on challenging the ‘status quo’ and breaking barriers for our black and brown girls here at ChiTech makes this movie even more compelling for our students.”

Wheatley hopes to continue outings like these to inspire students to excel, no matter their dreams.

“It is extremely important for me as a school leader to ensure that I am exposing our young girls to film, museums, art, networking events and experiences that will shape them into successful young women,” she said.

If you’d like to support cultural experiences for ChiTech students and YWLS members,  get involved here.

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