No Need to Fear, Just Follow Your Dreams

March 2 — Brian Ambielli’s story of success took students on a journey like no other.

While Power Lunches at ChiTech typically focus on career and job tips, Ambielli recognized this specific group of students’ high energy as an opportunity to share life advice besides answering questions about his job as a software engineer at Expedia.

Many of the students found common ground with Ambielli by talking about the programming languages they’re learning in class, like Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

“I’m impressed the students are learning these things in school so early,” Ambielli said after the lunch.

Several students had never seen Expedia’s website, which Ambielli helps engineer, since many have never left the Chicago on an airplane before. This led to a conversation about the fear of leaving home and family for college, and what to expect after leaving home. Furrowed brows turned to smiles when students learned there’s nothing to be afraid of if you leave home for school.

Ambielli’s energy and charisma flowed through the event, and chattering students moved on in their days with a refreshed vision for their futures.

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Brian Ambielli

Brian Ambielli is a Seattle native living in Chicago, currently working at Expedia as a Software Engineer & FrontEnd Tech Lead for our product. He’s worked for organizations that range from Fortune 500 to 8 person startup.

With a formative background in engineering, and expertise in software quality and agile methodologies, he’s constantly looking for ways to leverage his technical skills to help others and contribute to meaningful projects.

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