Exhibiting More than Projects

JUNE 1 — Chicago Tech Academy’s second Exhibition of the 2016-2017 school year blew away nearly 200 guests.

Families, friends and community partners visited the school for the second installation of the bi-annual event. Exhibition is the culmination and presentation of 10-weeks-worth of student projects.

The event is a part of the school’s Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum. Instead of final exams, students and teachers collaborate on cumulative projects that showcase what the students have learned.

“Every Exhibition is an incredible experience. It’s inspiring to see how the students confidently show off what they’ve learned,” Jon Bull, entrepreneurship teacher and supervisor on Escape The Room, said.

Projects may also be cross-disciplinary. Winter Exhibition 2017 featured collaborations between psychology and art, and biology and community service. Through PBL, students combine academic knowledge with 21st century skills, providing a purpose for learning and preparing students for the future.

Projects this year included several hands-on installations, including a Casino to explore the applications of statistics and probability; models of human anatomy built from everyday objects; ChiTech’s drumline performance, and several other amazing works.

See some of the works below, and more on our Flickr.  

To learn more about Exhibition and ChiTech’s curriculum, please visit www.chitech.org or contact Kelly Jones, Executive Director of Community Engagement at kjones@chicagotechacademy.org.

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