ChiTech COVID-19 Relief Fund

In light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Tech Academy has created a temporary relief fund to meet the needs of our current students, alumni, and their families. The goal is to reach those in our community most in need in these extraordinary times to provide them with additional funds to cover necessary costs, such as food, toiletries, clothes, shelter, communication, etc. Our school’s core values are to engage, empower, and connect. We do not believe we are living those values nor our mission if we do not work now to help ensure the health and safety of our students and families, just as we would in any circumstance. 

The fund is generously and solely financed by private donations. Donations received for this fund will be accounted and tracked separately. Funds disbursed shall not exceed the amount of donations specifically directed toward this relief fund. In general, these funds will be items that are requested/needed by the students and families (i.e. hot spots, cleaning kits, masks, sanitizer, payment of cell phone bill, or gift card). In most cases the value shall not to exceed $100 but in no case will it exceed $500. 

Learn more about the fund at this link.

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